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Amentia 03:26
Brain dead and comatose, incapable of reason Adept in anything and everything Inhaling fumes of burning desire Lacerating flesh relentlessly Full of poison Ready to infect everyone Your perfume fills my lungs Drowning in solitude Pray for nothing Prey everyone We understand what we had only when we're deprived of it Are we condemned to be? Are we just instants of eternity? Meaningless and undeserving Bearers of evil and plagues. Waiting as my fingers carve deep furrows in my head I wear proudly my regret as a second skin Capable of anything and everything Lost in the depths of an unknown's eyes Trying to comprehend every emotion. Experiment the darkness. Speak in silence, hear the noise of nothingness. Breath deeply. Tomorrow won't come. Everything becomes nothing. Forever ends.
Crepuscular 02:27
The scent of rotting time Entices the vultures 
To feast upon our marrow
We sit silenced by the blinding dusk of an age Where every form draws back Trapped in matter There is no conflict Only chasms Of spiraling nothingness Is there a home we belong to? Are we just shadows?
Are we just the shades We see gliding through these walls?
Forsaken into the deepest gray Hoping for the day when we'll be Diving into pure energy Fettered into the dark of this cave Despite our exile Our will shall rise
Sliding through this earth We encounter existence Only to face supreme indifference Such is the path to reach a true equality We will throw arrows Aiming for what's bound to hide Once again they'll sink into water For in the mirror where we seek Even semblance fades Fated to find ourselves Once we're truly lost So we'll be called to perceive
The totality Accept life as an exception of cosmic impassivity Through this all-embracing decay We construct our meaning Our conscious shall gush into a tree of absurdity Celebrating perpetual recurrence Now burn Become light Deflagrate the borders of reality
Immanence 03:23
Truth must be kept veiled Drowning in complexity Brimming with void Devoured by doubt You're bound to fall as we all are You will strive for an answer I will seek for a sense
We shall pray for this emptiness to be filled The axe of wisdom falls right through my neck
Desecrating every last taste of vitality You're compromising, disgracing the last drops of a source The source of a circle I thought I could close Eternally you shall strike against yourself Convictions will drag you into failure Face that we're not meant to understand

Senses' curtain is thin you can pretend nothing's wrong Wake and ignore The clipping border of your mirror The mid-day deja-vù Don't you ever think how diaphanous is the time we're ruminating?
You lose track of the days In consuming your nails Scratching away the plaster Carving preposterous charades
Once you realize you possess no more evidence Will your questions truly be worth? It's a path that leads to the red fields of none And you will find that blooms and breeds Do nothing but spinning round Like the worlds anchored to our feet
Mechanical 04:08
Mesmerize me with your chant Kill me with your voice           I'll fall as everyone I'll be the first to rise in torment  Fingers glide on me So real they seem to sink Into this skin of mine And vanish within Blessed be the poison that runs through my veins I am back from depths I can hear the scream of this world Why don't you make you own move? Staring at this walls Carrying the screams of them all Standing in balance Out and away Reset your eyes Erase your mind You are the plague That infests your own flesh Realize it will never be the same again Reset your eyes Erase your mind Running away from a place where everyone is exiled Trapped in a weak mind Hampered by stereotypes We are our own obstacle The hidden daylight Above the laden clouds Glare of gray Chewed and spat In a cold and far desert The dying rain carves on my faces Thousand names of thousand victims Make your own move Become a machine
Equilibrium 03:55
I am I have understood the equivalence of life and death. A new beginning from a new end leads to the same conclusion. I am Destined to die before even being conceived. Product of an equation solved billions of times before.
The illusion of a choice to relieve pain When the same pain we try to relieve is an illusion itself Become conscious. Accept your failure. Behold the void. Understand there's nothing else. Rejoice at her sight. Wiped out in a blink of an eye. Torn out with mechanical precision. We are all victims of an equilibrium Which cannot be unbalanced.
I am dead.
S.I.N. 03:55
We are sinking headfirst in self-nourishing progress, Now stuffed with self-righteous bioethics. In recursion, growth is fast. Applied to man, it's a concept dangerously close To autosarcophagy. How long do you think it will take? In recursion, growth will be fast Since this seed will be planted.
And the harvest will belong to us For better or for worse. Behold the branches of the new evolution. We'll burrow the alcoves of knowledge, We'll find the keys. Every door will be opened Each hall revealed. Passed throughout the threshold, A precise proceeding. Conception, amelioration, mutualism, merging. Eventually, the failure of restraint.
Disclosure 03:42
We have no masters Give up your old skin It's time for a change. Molecules are recombining. So take off your mask And let's celebrate the disclosure of your mind. Either thinking or believing. Give up your old skin It's time for a change. Molecules are recombining. A self made mechanism of imperfection Striving to achieve self consciousness The chance to understand The possibility of failure The gift of learning Echoes from a past of torturing void Resonate in this new and unknown dimension A voice with no face
Is lost in time and inner space

Exist 03:42
Alone in time.
We have failed where we would have to succeed. We have lost what we would have to keep. Alone in time. Standing still while everything is falling apart. Regurgitated by this ground that hates us. Damned since the first wailing. Raised in sensorial atrophy. Writer of changes, deceiver. Judge of lives, executor.
Breath in life, breath out dust. Fear as a shelter, hate as a weapon.
Behold. Rise up. Breath. Exist.


released November 26, 2013

Music written by Despite Exile
Produced & recorded by Despite Exile
Mixed & mastered by Simone Mularoni @ Domination Studios
Artwork by DDub Designs


all rights reserved



Despite Exile Milan, Italy

Five guys playing heavy music.

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